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DACA UPDATE: Regarding March 5, 2018 decision to end DACA

The decision to end DACA as of March 5, 2018 was temporarily stopped by a Federal Court injunction. Although the Trump administration appealed that decision directly to the Supreme Court, however on Feb 26th the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that it would not hear the appeal until the case went through the appellate courts.  What does that mean? It will take at least a year before the case is back in front of the Supreme Court which means that DACA will continue and immigrant youth who previously had DACA can continue reapplying for protection status until it is resolved at the Supreme Court or by legislative action.   Please see below information on assistance.
We strongly encourage our scholar, their families to take full advantage of this extension and  so we have provided links to key resources on www.laalliance,org
 We still need to take action:  While this reprieve from the imminent March 5, 2018 deadline is positive news, We invite you to tell Congress that we stand with Dreamers.  Also on on the site is a petition that we encourage you to sign, 
Together, we can make a difference and have our voices heard.