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Mr. Gilbert Zepeda » Welcome:


College Success Story:
It was my first year in college. I was working a full-time night shift job and attending a junior college during this time period. Times were difficult and I frequently felt like quitting the pursuit of higher education. However, my family's dependence on me and the anger of not wanting to be in the situation I was in for the rest of my life fueled me to continue my higher education. I worked hard to hit the books and bring some sort of money to the table. Before I knew it, the first year of college was over and as time progressed I figured out how to balance out all of my responsibilities. My original plan was to become a doctor as my family had predisposed this as my career. Things absolutely changed once I attended my first physics class during the sophomore year. My major quickly changed from biology to physics that same year and even though I was not sure what career I'd choose later on. I knew that I wanted to bring the joy I had in this physics class to everyone else I could. Fast forward 5 years later and I can not imagine doing anything else other than attempting to that joy to each and every one of you.
I am looking forward to meeting you in one of the following classes: Physics, Robotics, Integrated Math 1 Support. 
If you need help logging into your google classroom feel free to send me an email.