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About Mr. Ruff

My first year of college presented many challenges. For starters, I was only the second person in my immediate family to attend college and had no encouragement or support. Adding to my challenges were juggling intercollegiate athletics and academics. With the support of caring professors and the counselor, I was able to excel in my coursework attaining a 3.6 GPA my freshman year. Suddenly, some unrelated familial challenges forced my to forego my college education and put it on hold for some time. I was crushed and feared becoming the latest statistic of a minority student who dropped out of and hadn’t finished college. Exercise and sports remained my outlet and constant place of refuge.

Fast forward a couple years, I enrolled back into college and completed some coursework but once again was forced to forgo my education due to more familial issues. I re-enrolled with my first child on the way in six months while working full-time. I had attained enough college credits from all previous coursework chunked together to get accepted into a two year Bachelor of Science Degree program in Sport Management which I successfully completed online at California University of Pennsylvania. With life and familial challenges no longer a hindrance, I immediately enrolled in graduate school upon completing my Bachelor’s and completed my Master’s Degree in Physical Education from Manhattanville College (NY) attending campus part-time for 3 years while working full-time.

It is incredibly important to set goals and persist through the inevitable challenges that present themselves! Although not a USC Trojans fan in particular, I believe strongly in and have adopted their slogan “FIGHT ON.”