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Ms. LaQuanna Crishon » Mrs. Q

Mrs. Q

My name is LaQuanna “Mrs. Q” Crishon. I am a Campus Aide for Alliance
Tennenbaum Family Technology H.S.
In my immediate family my daughter is the first to attend a 4 year
university. My husband and I both attended Community College but never
transferred. When my daughter was in middle school she would say that
U.C.L.A was her dream school, and that one day she would go there. My
husband and I would tell her to always follow her dreams. When she
started her senior year in high school she was told by several of her
peers as well as some friends and family that U.C.L.A would probably
not accept her because of the number of applicants and their
acceptance rate. For a while she was discouraged and was thinking of
not applying to U.C.L.A at all. My husband and I told her to apply to
any school that she wanted and we would support any decision that she
made. My daughter applied to 7 or 8 universities including U.C.L.A
where she will be starting her sophomore year in September 2018.