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My college transformational story:


            During my first year of college, I found myself struggling with time management. I made the mistake of taking five rigorous classes and my mission was to pass all my classes with A’s. To make matters worse I was working full time/seven days a week at Pizza hut. My parents needed the support, their job paid very little, and my father at that time was suffering from heart failure. He couldn’t work as much. Seeing my parents struggle made me feel like attending college might have been a mistake. Maybe I should drop out of college and work full time? I thought. Behind this thought I can hear my mother words say, "no mija tu tienes que hecharle ganas". I knew something had to change; I couldn’t do it all. I made some phone calls and in this process I learned that self-advocating is key. You must never be afraid to ask for help. I got myself a job on campus that paid more and part time; I used all my resources that were given to me. For example, I was assigned a counselor who worked out a plan with me. I learned a valuable lesson to look in every direction for answers. If you feel stuck analyze the situation and take charge, do something about it. Don’t ever give up!

 About me:
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I obtained my Bachelors degree in Spanish Language and Culture at California State University, Northridge. I completed my teacher credential at California State University, Los Angeles. Now, I am truly where I want to be, teaching our future leaders. I am fortunate to be teaching at Tennenbaum. It is an amazing feeling to work with scholars. I am honor to be here, I love motivating scholars and inspiring them to always reach their goals. I am available always by email. ¡Juntos podemos sobre vivir todo!


AP Spanish Language and Culture

DESCRIPCIÓN DE CURSO: Las clases de español para hispano-hablantes son clases diseñadas para estudiantes cuya lengua materna es el español. En estas clases, el estudiante aprenderá el lenguaje español y lo perfeccionará a través del estudio de la gramática, historia, cultura, comunidad y la literatura. El curso requiere que el estudiante hable, escriba, lea, y participe en actividades completamente en español. El curso satisface el requisito de lenguaje requerido para ingresar a la universidad. Antes de terminar la clase el estudiante tendrá la oportunidad de tomar el examen AP de lenguaje español el cual le ofrece crédito universitario. Si el estudiante pasa el examen de AP ya no tendrá que volver a tomar la clase en la universidad ya que recibirá crédito universitario al pasar el examen además de recibir un punto extra en su promedio de calificación. El curso esta diseñado para seguir los estándares nacionales y estatales de California de lenguaje extranjero. Este curso satisface los requisitos “e” y “g” de los requisitos “a-g” para ser elegible para una universidad UC o CSU.

Spanish level 1

Course Description: This course is intended for students with expectations of becoming proficient communicators of the language. Students will develop communication skills across the three modes; interpretive, interpersonal and presentational. Students will be asked to prepare oral presentations, work on individual and group projects, do research projects on a variety of topics, read works of literature, journalistic pieces, tables, charts, and maps and listen to authentic language that reflects the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world. Students will be expected to speak the target language in class and participate in all classroom discussions. After successfully completing this course you will receive 10 credits that will equal 1yr. for Foreign Language (for your A-G requirements). Four-year colleges want students to take 2 years of Foreign Language 3 recommended.