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Mr. Joshua Kim » Mr. Joshua Kim

Mr. Joshua Kim

Hello, I'm Mr. J. Kim. I am excited to continue at Tennenbaum for the 2022-23 school year! 
I graduated from UCLA with a dual degree in physics and economics. In my case, I entered college and studied physics with the intent of teaching the subject in the future. Soon after, I received my teaching credential as well as my Master of Education degree from UCLA My aim as a teacher is to help us all view and analyze the world around us, whether it be in the context of the sciences or maths!

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions and concerns as well as to set up appointments via email: jkim(AT)

Thank you,
Mr. J. Kim

Here is a definitive moment from my first year at UCLA:

I attended my first introductory physics lecture and found myself surrounded by 200 other students. I had never been in this environment before and was overwhelmed by the pace of the course and the lack of individual attention/recognition. I tried attending office hours when I didn’t understand the material but the attendance was usually upwards of 50 people–I felt like student #____. I decided to focus my time and energy on attending discussion sessions and office hours with my TA. I integrated myself into a smaller, more intimate group that I could learn with and seek out direct attention from. This experience helped me realize that I needed personal connections and face time with others in order to learn. I encountered this same dilemma of large class sizes numerous times throughout my undergrad years and I knew exactly what I needed to do.