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Welcome scholars and families! Here's my story about how college changed my life.
In my first year of college, I went from feeling like an impostor to feeling that I deserved and had earned my spot at such a prestigious university. Being a first year, I only had access to the courses no one else wanted to take and I STRUGGLED. I HATED my required science course because I thought I was behind on everything on the first day of class. I studied so much for one particular science class and thought I was prepared for the midterm. I got a 67%. I had never gotten such a low score on a test before and I was devastated. The final would be the same format and be worth half of the grade. There was no way I would salvage a B in the course. I didn’t belong. I belonged with my family and working to help my ill dad around in case of an emergency. How could I have been so selfish and moved away just to fail out of school? That was what went through my mind as I looked up community college courses thinking I would leave UCLA and go back home to Napa. I looked up from my computer and saw a picture of the UCLA logo and a family picture of my high school graduation. No, I was not leaving like that. I would make my family proud and not fail. I didn’t move all the way to LA just to fail. The next day I turned in a Course Drop Petition and made an appointment to see my counselor. I would do everything in my power to graduate and not be a statistic. My counselor recommended that I take courses I was interested in so I can compare the courses. That's when I started enjoying my courses and studying wasn't torture anymore.  
I graduated in June 2013 with a double major Chicano/a Studies and Spanish and a minor in Labor and Workplace Studies.