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For all our Scholars, Families, and Friends--  
I'd like to share a story about how college transformed my life and my future:
During my first year of college, I started to feel very depressed. Everything that was supposed to feel new and different ended up feeling like more of the same, more of what I experienced in high school--the busy work, the competitiveness, the “rat race.” I didn’t want to be there anymore. I didn’t want to go to class or study or be around anyone.
Then a friend I had met in my dorm suggested that I take an Anthropology course for my social science elective--she thought based on what she knew about me that I would find it very interesting. I took her simple advice and enrolled in the course ... and I loved it!
I decided to take the plunge by changing my college from Business to Arts & Sciences and my major from Accounting to Anthropology. I knew I was taking a risk. I knew I might be criticized by my family and even some of my friends, and by some I was. But I did it anyway. I decided that for once in my life I was going to do what made me happy and not what other people said I should do or expected me to do.
I ended up getting a 4.0 in my major and won several awards. I continued following what I loved learning and entered the field of education. I never looked back, and to this day I can say that my college degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate) got me to a place where I can do what makes me happy and live well doing it.
Ask me more about my college journey when you see me around school!