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Senate Bill 1362 presented by Senator Jim Beall and Co-sponsored by California's statewide teachers' union, makes it possible for LAUSD school district to deny the petition of a new or renewing charter school (such as us) based on their negative fiscal impact the charters has had on their L A U S D school district.
If the bill passes, it would allow LAUSD to deny the renewal of all Alliance charter schools ( which means we will be closed down) and this is regardless of our school's outstanding performance from district schools (LAUSD). Instead of supporting a family's right to choose a public school that works for their scholars, Senator Beall and Californiia's teachers' union are pittting districts-run public schools against public charter schools.
On April 18th, 2018, a group of Alliance parents will go to Sacramento to meet with elected representative to explan how this bill could result in shutting down high-performing & high-demand public charter schools like Alliance Tennenbaum Technology that has closed the achievement gap for many scholars of different ethnicities & in low-income communities.
Alliance Tennenbaum Technology invites you to stand in solidarity with Alliance parents by joining us in support and to show your opposition to Senate Bill 1362. Your voice is POWERFUL!
Please write a letter to stand in solidarity with our scholars and families, and their right to choose the best school that prepares them for a bright future. Alliance parents will share your support letter with elected representatives when they visit Sacramento next week.         
UPDATE - Nearly 20 Alliance parents and staff members went to Sacramento. As they shared our pride in what we have acheived together for our scholars and the importance & our opposition to the Bill 1362. They also saw the lobbying influence of the California Teachers Association pushing for the passage of the bill.  Although the Committee postponed their vote on the Bill 1362, requesting additional time to understand its impact. The bill will be heard again on Wednesday, April 25th for a vote. It is IMPORTANT that we ask you to support Alliance Scholars and their families.  I have provided a link to a letter opposing SB 1362. Alliance Advocates will once again share the letter with the additional signatures, prior to the committees vote on April 25th.  HERE is that letter (paste it)
Thank you  for your support of our scholars
 You can also e mail your letter to us here: And I can provide you with a sample letter as well if needed.