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Attention Parents / Scholars - Los Angeles Community College Spring Enrollment Information

If your scholar is interested, there are only 10 spaces. First 10 application
Subjects - Anthropology - Monday and Wednesday, Students learn about human evolution by examining evolutionary theory, human genetics, class cation, primate behavior, the hominid fossil record and modern human variation. Students will be able to underline the historical path to natural selection, describe the ve factors of the evolutionary process, identify biological characteristics of primates, discuss features of primate behavior, diagram the origin of mankind through comparing skulls from the hominid fossil record, and interpret modern human variation. 
American Sign Language 1- Tuesdays and Thursdays- 
In this course students develop basic grammar and lexical proficiency in American Sign Language. Emphasis is placed on comprehension skills. Overview of topics include pronouns, colors, interrogatives, negations, schools, people, family relationships, work, life events, daily activities. transportations, time/ calendar. Functional/notional discourse behavior are developed including conversational openers, greetings, identifying, introducing, asking/ requesting, responding, comparing /contrasting. This course also incorporates vital aspects of the Deaf culture and community.  For any questions & or application interests, please have your scholar visit the counseling office. 
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